The website of a news organization with a rich history, founded in 1837 as a newspaper serving the metropolitan area in and around Baltimore, Maryland. 

Among the celebrated journalists who have worked at the Baltimore Sun are H.L. Mencken, Richard Ben Cramer, Russell Baker, William Manchester, Drew Pearson, Jules Witcover, and David Simon, who created the hit HBO series, The Wire. 1

In 1986, the Baltimore Sun was purchased by the Times Mirror Company (owner of the Los Angeles Times, among other dailies). Times Mirror then became part of the Tribune Company (owner of the Chicago Tribune) in 2000.

Tribune, now renamed Tronc, has suffered the economic woes afflicting many legacy newspaper companies, exacerbated in the case of tronc by internal battles over corporate control and strategy. This has forced a series of cutbacks in the Baltimore Sun’s staff, including the end of its once-flourishing regional and foreign bureaus (although the Sun does maintain a bureau at the Maryland capital of Annapolis). However, the paper and its website still produce a steady diet of professionally reported and written political, cultural, sports, and entertainment coverage that is highly influential in Baltimore and statewide. The home page of consistently offers an array of substantive stories on everything from goings on at City Hall, police headquarters, or the statehouse in Annapolis to the changing fortunes of the city’s avidly followed major league sports teams.

In one season of “The Wire,” the Baltimore Sun’s agenda-setting influence on government, politics, and policing in Baltimore was a major story line.

The Sun has won 15 Pulitzer Prizes, journalism’s highest award—the most recent of which was for healthcare reporting in 2003. The current editor in chief is Triffon Alatzas, a veteran Sun reporter and editor who is also the paper’s publisher.